About Us

Beymetal Trade is a trading company consisting of three main business pillars: the trading business, the investment business, and the consulting business. We provide high value-added services to the ultimate consumers by showing each business cooperation through coordination of distribution from the world to Turkey, and from Turkey to the world.

Beymetal Trade expands rapidly their connections globally. Their astonishing associations both in Turkey, Europe and USA created to build an international company which serves many sectors in importing and exporting between Turkey, USA, Europe, and Middle-East. Today, we manage to help many entrepreneurs and investors to distinguish their necessities for their progressing businesses.

Beymetal Trade have gained a high reputation in the industry in terms of our exporting and distributing business which we have handled since we established selling overseas products on the construction business. Our team provides more added-value than what our customers need by using our powerful network with overseas partners and this remains our company’s strength.